Umarex Air Pistol - .177 BB Walther PPK/S

Umarex Air Pistol - .177 BB Walther PPK/S

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Brand:  Umarex

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Umarex Walther PPK/s 4.5mm BB

This model of the Walther PPK/s is very similar to the old model, but with the distinct change of the co2 loading method. This model now features a hidden screw which is tightened with a special tool, instead of the large visible knob which was seen on the old model.

The PPKs is a blowback pistol which means the slide shoots backwards on each shot to reload the next BB, which provide a great sense of realism and is huge fun. The frame of the pistol is full metal which gives it a very good weight, and also ensures that the moving parts won't wear as quickly as the plastic models can.

The pistol fires 4.5mm steel BBs from a plastic magazine which drops out from the bottom of the pistol and can hold 15 rounds. The trigger is a single action unit and a manual safety helps to prevent accidental discharge.

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